The project concentrates on the part of the filmmaking process that plays the key role in turning a story committed to paper into a motion picture, to realize the internal pictures of our fantasy responding to a particular story. This process is called preproduction. This is a strange gate that lets written information through and transforms them into pictures, visual projection, but not with the intention to illustrate a story, but to allow the created visual information to grow into movement, moving image narrative. Thus this process involves written interpretation, atmospheric outline, visual, illustrative and plot orientated translation as well as the shaping into motion of the story. 

The aim of the project is to develop an interactive – in this particular case – software interface that makes the different phases of preproduction traceable, shot by shot, from concept design to architectural drawings, from storyboards to edited animatics. Consequently the work is an interactive skeleton, which we can dress accordingly to the depth of the scene.


'brave new world project'
kamen anev copyright 2010